Singing Evensong in York Minster, no auditions
Joining and rehearsing

Membership of Vale of York Voices ...
Membership of Vale of York Voices is open to anyone with sufficient choral experience to enable them to sing services in the Minster after just one (usually 2 hour) rehearsal. There are no auditions, but the Director does reserve the right to have a chat with any member whom he feels is not blending with the overall ensemble about their options. As a member, you have to have an email address and be happy to receive VoYV emails.

The details of forthcoming services, including the music to be sung with web links to copies when available, are sent out by email with the request that members reply who wish to sing at the next service. That way the Director knows what sort of distribution (SATB) is available. You are expected to sing at the rehearsal (usually on the day before) unless you have a (rare) exemption. No reply is required from those who are unable to sing at the next service.

Joining Vale of York Voices ...
To inquire about joining Vale of York Voices, please email the Director, David M Howard, at the following address (excuse the graphic from which you have to copy the email address - this is to reduce spam):
email musician at David M Howard dot com
Expectations of singers ...

Singers in Vale of York Voices are typically very experienced at singing in church or cathedral choirs and most have previous familiarity with Anglican Evensong. While the latter is not essential, it is expected that singers will be reasonably capable of holding their own line without having to rely heavily on those around them to provide note pitches. In addition, sight reading is a useful skill since there is only the one rehearsal, although the music is indicated in advance and where it is available on-line, the link will be given. Thus private study on the music is possible in the week or so leading up to the rehearsal.

The most important skill is knowing when to sing down if uncertain about the note, the rhythm or the dynamic. It is rare that a whole part disappears completely!

Occasionally you will be asked to purchase some music, but a good deal will be sought whenever possible. So far this has amounted to one book (Sing Evensong) since the choir started.

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Singing is good for you
That is what has been in the press recently, and most singers would agree. Simply thinking and doing correct postural stances, breathing in a controlled manner and contributing to a corporate act are enough to bring a sense of achievement, improved skill and working as a team to achieve a goal together. Come and join us in Vale of York Voices!