Singing Evensong in York Minster, no auditions
Listen to Vale of York Voices
Occasionally there is an opportunity to record Vale of York Voices, and some of these are presented below in MP3 format to enable a much faster download than an uncompressed audio format. It would be appreciated if it was born in mind that these are one-shot recordings and therefore certainly not up to professional CD recording standard. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that as one-shot recordings, they represent a performance of each work; there has been no editing or recording the music in small chunks to be 'glued' together in the studio. So much recorded music nowadays is not representative of a performance since the recording consists of many small sections of a piece that have been edited together in the studio.

Vale of York Voices (Conductor: David M Howard)

Evensong (23-09-2013)

Magnificat (Richard Farrant Short Service):
Nunc dimittis (Richard Farrant Short Service):
Justorum animae (William Byrd):
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 Magnificat - Nunc Dimittis, Justorum animae (Byrd)

Evensong (15-04-2013)

Peter Smith Responses (Part 1):
Psalm 76 (Chant: David M Howard):
Peter Smith Responses (Part 2):
Locus iste (Anton Bruckner)
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Peter Smith Responses (part 1), Psalm 76 (chant: DM Howard), Peter Smith Responses (part 2), Locus iste (Bruckner)

Evensong (13-12-2010)
(Organist: Matt Dowdy)
Magnificat (Charles Wood in Eb, No. 2):
Nunc dimittis (Charles Wood in Eb No. 2):
O thou the central orb (Charles Wood):
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Wood in Eb (No. 2) Magnificat - Nunc dimittis, Wood: O thou the central orb

Evensong (15-02-2010)
If ye love me (Thomas Tallis):
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Tallis: If ye love me (Engineer - Abigail Richardson)

Evensong (12/01/2009) (Organist: Matt Dowdy)
Ian Colson Responses Part 1:
Psalm 66:
Magnificat (Thomas Tertius Noble in b minor):
Ian Colson Responses (Part 2):
Nunc dimittis (Thomas Tertius Noble in b minor):
Three kings travelled from afar (Alan Wilson):
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Colson Responses (Pt1), Psalm 66, Noble in b minor: Magnificat - Nunc dimittis,
Colson Responses (Pt2), Gould and Wilson: Three kings travelled from afar

Singing in York Minster ...

Singing in the Quire of York Minster is a very special experience due to the acoustics of the space. There is a long reverberation in the main body of the Minster, but the Quire has a more intimate acoustic 'feel' to it. In particular, hearing those on the other side of the Quire when singing music written for two choirs is relatively easy and one has a strong sense of acoustic intimacy between Decani and Cantoris.

Hämta vector
Science of singing
Over the last 30 years or so, huge steps have been taken to increase our scientific knowledge of voice production. The physiology of voice production (the detailing of the parts of the body we use when speaking or singing)  is now well understood. The acoustic output for singing and speech is well understood, including its relationship with our hearing capabilies. There is loads to find out and plenty to read. David Howard has a new book on The Choral Sound coming out in 2014 for singers and directors (see below).

Also he is involved in the York Centre for Singing Science (YCSS - see below). You might like to check these out.