Singing Evensong in York Minster, no auditions
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Vale of York Voices
(VoYV) is an "email" choir that sings evensong in York Minster on Monday evenings approximately once a month. The 'email' choir reference relates to the way Vale of York Voices is administered; an email goes out before each service to indicate what the music is and to request a reply to indicate if singers intend to be there.

One of the main reasons VoYV was started was to give an opportunity for any choral singer wishing to join a choir without a regular commitment that sings services in the Minster. Our Musical Director is Professor David Howard who is Head of the Department of Electronics at the University of York, an organist, choral conductor and choral singer
, who researches the human singing voice as part of his role as an academic.

Vale of York Voices has been disbanded because York Minster have decided not to have sung Evensong on Mondays any more in term time. 

A new choir is being planned.
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Evensong in York Minster
The Office of evensong is sung almost every day in York Minster; the Minster Choir sing every day except Mondays when visiting choirs lead the worship. Congregations can vary between around 20 and over 200 depending on visitor numbers and the time of the year.