Singing Evensong in St. Helen's York, UK and other events
Previous services
Consonance (Director: David M Howard) sings Choral Evensong Services in St. Helen's Church in the centre of the City of York, UK as well as occasional concerts, weddings and Eucharist services. The personal involved change depending on the scale of the event and availability. The full list of our past services and other events along with the music that was sung for services is shown below (all services were at St. Helen's Church, York, UK unless otherwise indicated).

If you are interested in having Consonance singing for your event (concert, wedding, after dinner ...) please contact David by email on:

Consonance services/events sung ...
  • Choral Evensong (Monday 11th January 2016): Anthony Baldwin: If ye love me; Robert Jones Responses; Psalm 34; Office Hymn: As with gladness; Lindley: Evening Service with Fauxbourdons; Stanford: Beati quorum: Hymn: Guide me O thou great redeemer; Hymn: Angel voices ever singing.
  • Choral Evensong for St Andrew's day (Monday 30th November 2015): Tallis: If ye love me; Peter Smith Responses; Psalm 96; Office Hymn: Jesus calls us o'er the tumult; Gibbons: Short Service; Stanford: Justorum animae, Hymn: We have a gospel to proclaim.
  • Choral Eucharist (Sunday 25th July 2015): Victoria: Missa - O quam gloriosum; Victoria: O quam gloriosum.
  • Choral Evensong for the festival of St. Margaret of Antioch (Monday 20th July 2015): Smith Responses; Psalm 4; Office hymn "Martyrs of God"; Howard in Db; Goss: I will magnify thee; Hymn "Stand up stand up for Jesus".
  • Choral Evensong for St. Alban's Day (Monday 22nd June 2015):
    Crotch: Comfort O God; Smith Responses; Psalm 75; Lindley: Service with Fauxbourdons; Wood: Oculli omnium.
  • Choral Evensong for St. David's Day  (Monday 2nd March 2015):
    Smith Responses; Psalm 5; Weelkes Short Service; Cwm Rhonda; Chilcott: All through the night.
  • Choral Evensong (Monday 26th January 2015):
    Smith Responses; Psalm 119 vv145-160; Farrant in G minor; Willaert: O magnum mysterium.
  • Christmas Concert for Save the Children, Tong Hall, Bradford (Friday 5th December, 2014)
  • Christmas Concert for Save the Children, Tong Hall, Bradford (Friday 6th December, 2013)
  • Valentine's Concert for the York Branch of Save the Children, (Clare Steele-King, Annie Howard, Andrew Woodmansey, Charles Allenby, David Howard), Fulford Cemetery Chapel (Saturday 16th February, 2013):

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Singing is fun
Choral singing is good fun, relaxing and stress-busting. Singing in St. Helen's Church in York is a real privilege for Consonance; one that cannot be over-valued. To be there right in the heart of the City of York singing a service that is centuries old  is something very special and difficult to achieve and experience any other way. Do come along and listen!