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HarmSyn (iPad App) ...

Increase your understanding of sound by synthesising sounds using harmonic synthesis. I use this App extensively in my teaching of acoustics and psychoacoustics for Music Technology students; hearing is believing!

HarmSynLite is the free, or Lite, version of Harmonic Synthesis, and as such, it has certain limitations to the settings that are available.( For a full description of Harmonic Synthesis please look at the home page for Harmonic Synthesis.)

Harmonic Synthesis Lite is an App for the iPad that allows the user to adjust the amplitudes of the first 8 harmonics using sliders and to hear the result. Vibrato and tremolo, both with user-adjustable rate and extent, are available along with sliders for fundamental frequency linearly between 20Hz and 1kHz (log or linear between 20 Hz-20kHz on the full version), volume and a "Play"/"Stop" button.

A set of selector buttons enables 8 preset harmonic series (11 on the full version) to be produced as follows:

  • Sinewave
  • Harmonics 1-4
  • Harmonics 4-8
  • Odd harmonics
  • Amplitudes falling linearly
  • Amplitudes rising linearly
  • Square wave
  • Triangular wave
  • Sawtooth wave
  • Pulse wave
  • Random harmonics
  • All harmonics off

Hearing awareness: Please be aware that listening to loud sounds can damage your hearing and use HarmSyn with care and due consideration for your own ears as well as the ears of others. More details about human hearing can be found in: Howard and Angus, Acoustics and psychoacoustics, 4th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-240-52175-6.

HarmSynLite is available NOW - click on the link below

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