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iPhoneApp: Organ Pedals

Organ Pedals (iPad App) ...

RATED ** SUPER APP ** by Apps4idevices.

Add low pedal notes to a pipe organ using the App, an iPad to play the pedal line and an amplifier and loudspeaker (something suitable for a guitar or keyboard is appropriate). It does not have to be a large loudspeaker since it is not the lowest harmonics that are needed (we cannot hear them anyway below 20 Hz!). Placing the loudspeaker close to or amongst the pipes will achieve the best effect.

The pedal reed can be set to one of three sounds and one of five footages (8', 16', 32', 64', 128'). I know a 128' is crazy but at least it is very cheap (each real pipe would have to be either 64' or 128' long!) and allows you to add a sound that is only available on two organs in the world as far as I know!

YouTube video: OrganPedals: Here you see and hear the OrganPedals App being used after a Christmas Service on an organ that has NO pedal reed stop (Sw: 888428, Gt: 888442; Ped: 16, 8).

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