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App: Organ Stops

Organ Stops (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch App) ...

Organ Stops provides all (I believe) pipe organ footages for manuals and pedals along with over 600 stop names for manuals and over 300 stop names for pedals. The stop name lists are by no means complete and I hope to add more as interest grows in the App and suggestions are made. Touching the stop knob plays a sound pitched at the bottom C for the footage shown on the stop (please bear in mind that it would not be possible to use a different sound for this for every stop as there are over 800 and I have not heard the majority let alone recorded them!).

To make this App complete, I have added a 128' pedal "stop" - no such stop actually exists as a single rank but it is available when a 64' and a 42 2/3' are drawn together on those organs that have such stops. Please od look at my Pedal Organ iPad App which allows you to play pedal lines at footages from 8' down to 128'! The fundamental frequency for bottom C on a 128' rank is 4 Hz (4 vibrations per second) and yes, you can actually hear this on an iPhone/iTouch speaker!

Spinning the selector to a footage reveals a list of stop names for that footage, and the selection of a name puts the name and footage on the stop graphic. In addition, there are some example snippets of organs music and a pipe footage calculator which takes as input the harmonic required and the footage of the fundamental component (or first harmonic).

Hearing awareness: Please be aware that listening to loud sounds can damage your hearing and use HarmSyn with care and due consideration for your own ears as well as the ears of others. 

 More details about human hearing can be found in: Howard and Angus, Acoustics and psychoacoustics, 4th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-240-52175-6.

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