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Wedding Music (iPad App) ...

Choosing music for a wedding is a very important part of the ceremony and one that is not easy in terms of knowing the repertoire, what is possible using the musicians and instrument available and hos it fits into teh service itself.

Wedding Music contains many pieces of music that are commonly used during Christian wedding services. They are organised under the main parts of the service as follows

  • Before the Service
  • Entry of the Bride
  • During the Service
  • Signing of the Register
  • Exit Procession

Each section has its own list organised under the type of music including organ, hymns, solos and choral. Each piece of music has its full title, composer and at least one publisher indicated and there is a short (20-35 second) snippet of the music played on an organ to enable the start of each piece to be heard. This is the most important aspect of planning the music for a wedding since so often it is not easy to recall a piece or put a name to it.

Please be aware that the choice of music for a wedding must be made in consultation with the Vicar or officiant for the event and the Organist or Director of Music to ensure that your choices are appropriate both musically and in the context of the celebration.

If you have issues with the App I would be grateful if you could let me know rather than just give a poor rating; then I can correct it for everyone.

Hearing awareness: Please be aware that listening to loud sounds can damage your hearing and use HarmSyn with care and due consideration for your own ears as well as the ears of others. More details about human hearing can be found in: Howard and Angus, Acoustics and psychoacoustics, 4th Edition, Oxford: Focal Press, 2009, ISBN: 978-0-240-52175-6.

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