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iSingad (iPad/iPhone.iPod Touch App) ...

Ever wanted to understand more about your singing voice? Ever wondered about seeing the output from the voice? The iSingad App is here to help with voice training for anyone wanting to understand better the acoustics of their voices. It is specifically aimed at singers but it has application with actors and anyone else wanting to develop their vocal skills. Some knowledge of voice acoustics is needed - I am writing a book for choir directors and singers which includes information on the acoustics of the singing voice and it will serve as supporting material for this App.

The initial download is as a free App which provides waveform and spectrum displays; you can view the acoustic output from the voice (or anything else for that matter) in either time or frequency.

The name iSingad means an "iPhone" version of "SINGing Assessment and Development". The original Singad program was written for the BBC Microcomputer, moved to the Atari computer and then to Windows as WinSingad. Further information is available.

iSingad is available NOW - click on the link below

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