Professional engineer, academic, organist, pianist, choral director, singer
David has been writing Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for around three years. All his Apps have sound associated with them. For the 2013-2014 academic year, David is teaching App writing to students reading for degrees in music technology in the Department of Electronics at the University of York where he is Head of Department.

David taught himself to write Apps from books and the abundance of help on the internet. Certainly it is frustrating at times but the pleasure of seeing the final version is a very special moment, as is disconnecting the device from the host computer and having the App work on a stand-alone device.

David's Apps on the App store ...

SpeechTest for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Home page)
Boys undergo a major voice change during puberty and this App is designed to allow the fundamental frequency (pitch) of boys' voices to be measured quickly to enable voice change to be tracked. Such knowledge will advance knowledge about the male singing voice as well as provide knowledge to the medical profession about how the voice changes and the stage of pubertal change.

for iPad (Home page)

Add a pedal reed to a pipe organ with this App, an iPad to play is and an amplifier and loudspeaker (a guitar or keyboard system works well). The sounds are synthesised and available at the following footages: 8', 16', 32', 64' and 128'. Three stops are available and the volume, rise time, fall time and overall tuning can be altered (your settings are remembered for next time).

iSingad for iPhone and iPad (Home page)
Acoustic analysis results on real-time display screens for those wanting to develop their voice production skills for speaking and singing. This is a free App incorporating waveform and spectrum displays including a singer's formant cluster band. Soon there will be 'in App purchases' for added features. iSingad can be used to analyse any acoustic signal but its primary use is voice development support.

HarmSyn - Harmonic Synthesis for iPad (Home page)
The ability to create any periodic waveshape by adding harmonics is basic to the synhthesis of sound. The App is for the iPad only, due to the need for plenty of interactive screen space, and it enables harmonic synthesis to be demonstrated for teaching purposes and for fun. Sixteen harmonic sliders are available for hand-editing along with tremolo and vibrato. In addition, there are a number of preset waveshapes that can be called up using selector buttons.

HarmSynLite - Harmonic Synthesis Lite for iPad (Home page)
A Lite free version of Harmonic Synthesis with less control over the synthesis parameters. It has 8 harmonic sliders rather than 16, a linear fundamental frequency slider rather than log or linear, a pitch range of 20Hz to 1000Hz rather than 20Hz to 20000Hz and less preset sounds available compared with the full version. It is intended to whet the appetite and for those who do not require the full feature set.

Wedding Service Music for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Home page)
All the most popular wedding music by title composer and with a short audio file to allow you to check which piece is which (those trumpet tunes can be organised in your mind!). The service is split into sections so each can be considered separately. It is all based on the experience of an organist who has played for countless weddings over the years.

8ve Oscillator for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Home page)
An oscillator with sine, square, pulse, triangular, sawtooth and noise. Fundamental frequency can be changed (except noise!) in octaves between 125 Hz, and 16 kHz or set to arbitrary values in the hearing range (20 Hz to20 kHz). Useful for acoustic, equipment and hearing testing.

8ve Oscillator Lite for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Home page)
A lite version of 8ve Oscillator sharing all its features except that the fundamental frequency can not be set arbitrarily and its range of octaves is limited to being between 250 Hz and 8 kHz. Useful for acoustic, equipment and hearing testing.

Organ Stops for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (Home page)
Shows all footages of all pipe organs stops along with a library of nearly 600 stop names for manuals and over 300 stop names for pedals. Touching the stop knob plays the bottom note for that footage including a 128' pedal stop which has a frequency of 4 Hz (4 times a second) and yes you can hear this on an iPhone/iTouch loudspeaker!

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