Professional engineer, academic, organist, pianist, choral director, singer
David has appeared on TV and radio and been interviewed for newspapers and magazines. Listed here are the main TV and Radio programmes and below is a full listing of all media activities which includes broadcast dates.

David is always happy to work with the media whenever he can as (a) he believes that as an academic, he should bring his work to the attention of the public and (b) he enjoys doing it!

Please do ask if you would like to discuss with David any media related activities. David can be emailed on:
email David Howard on david at david m howard dot

This show is about helping people unlock their talents in a number of different areas, and David provided scientifically-based voice measurements working with Stuart Barr to enable candidates' singing potential to be evaluated.

Interviewed by Jonathan Cowap on BBC Radio York about the benefits of choral singing in the context of "Wherever you are", the current number 1 single by the Military Wives choir conducted by Gareth Malone.

BBC1 Breakfast TV: "RING" IN THE CHILD SOLOIST'S VOICE: Work with Jenevora Williams (Singing teacher, Guildford) and David's daughter Annie to investigate the acoustic properties of "ring/tingle/hairs on the back of the neck" experienced by listeners to girl or boy soloists.

BBC World Service: THE ACOUSTICS OF WORLD INSTRUMENTS: David was interviewed by Trevor Cox in each of the three episodes of "The acoustics of world instruments" for BBC World Service on the acoustics of the voice, the gamelan and other instruments.

BBC4-TV VOICE (Telegraph pick): David was the presenter for Voice, a 60 minute programme on the human voice, in which he describes how the human voice works,  works with Rory Bremner on his impression of Tony Blair, works with comedian Jeremy Hardy on his singing, meets the old and new "speaking clock" personalities, has his vocal folds looked at in Denver, and he meets Professor Ingo Titze to discuss Pavarobotti and singing synthesis.

BBC4-TV CASTRATO: David was the co-presenter with Nick Clapton for this 60 minute programme on the castrato singers of the 18th century. David's task was to synthesize electronically a castrato voice singing Ombra mai fu (Handel) to be accompanied on-screen by a professional baroque orchestra. Male soprano Michael Maniaci featured in the programme; a highlight being his exquisite rendering of the last section of the Exultate (Mozart). David's son Joey was the featured treble.

BBC1 Breakfast TV, Sky Lunchtime News, many radio stations TUNEFUL FANS: Asked by Barclaycard to prepare a league table of the English premier league fans' singing to raise the profile of football, David did this and Southampton topped the table with Bolton coming last, Full details and league table are in published paper.

Full media output listing ...

TV ...
  • 1980 (23rd Oct): Consultant for item on voice tracking, James Burke Special, BBC1-TV.
  • (15th March): Consultant on singing acoustics, Tomorrow’s World, BBC1-TV.
  • (11th May): Consultant for Michael Howes, The Singing Voice, Channel 4-TV.
  • (June): Item on SINGAD, Breakfast Television, Japanese National TV.
  • (Aug): Consultant for item on loss of SAS-B747 off Mauritius, Beyond 2000, Australian National TV 1992 (Aug): Consultant for item on loss of SAS-B747 off Mauritius, many TV Satellite networks.
  • (20th Oct): Item on SINGAD at York Minster School, Newsround, BBC1-TV.
  • (15th Dec): SINGAD research at Clifton School, Network North, Tyne-Tees TV.
  • (27th Jan): Research at Clifton School, Calendar News, Yorkshire TV.
  • (29th Jan): Visual displays and singing, Sainsbury’s “Choir of the Year” Competition, BBC2-TV.
  • (Dec): Interview about hand-held singing training device, Look North, BBC1-TV.
  • (18th Mar): Live Interview about Tuneful Fans Project: Breakfast News, BBC1-TV.
  • (18th Mar): Live Interview about Tuneful Fans Project: Lunchtime News, SKY-TV.
  • (24th Jan): Live interview on sounds that annoy and irritate: 5 O’clock news, Sky-TV.
  • (9th Jul ~150,000 viewers): Co-presenter (60 min. program): Castrato, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (20th Jan): Presenter (60 min. program), 20.00: Voice, BBC4-TV, (Radio Times Choice).
  • (25th Jan): Presenter (60 min. program), 19.20: Voice, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (5th Jul ~150,000 viewers): Co-presenter (60 min. program): Castrato, BBC4-TV.
  • (9th Jul ~150,000 viewers): Co-presenter (60 min. program): Castrato, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (5th Sep): Co-presenter (60 min. program), 20.00: Castrato, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (6th Sep): Co-presenter (60 min. program), 02.40: Castrato, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (12th Sep): Presenter (60 min. program), 19.30: Voice, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (13th Sep): Presenter (60 min. program), 03.00: Voice, BBC4-TV (R).
  • (6th Jan): Item on “ring” in children’s singing: Breakfast, BBC1-TV.

Radio ...
  • 1982 (21st Feb): Organist, Sunday Morning Service, BBC Radio 4.
  • (10th Feb): Synthesizer Duo interview, Third Dimension, BBC Radio Cambridge.
  • (17th Apr): Synthesizer player, Sunday Half Hour, BBC Radio 2.
  • (20th Oct): Synthesizer player, Daily Service, BBC Radio 4.
  • (12th Jun): Synthesizer player, Daily Service, BBC Radio 4.
  • (24th July): Interviewed about the loss of SAS-B747, The Parts, BBC Radio 4.
  • 1992 (19th Oct): SINGAD interview, London Radio Services, International Radio from London.
  • (20th May): Interviewed about tone deafness, John Dunn Show, BBC Radio 2.
  • (9th July): Music for General Synod report, released to all BBC Local Radio.Stations.
  • (12th July): Music Technology in Church item, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio York.
  • (13th July): Invited tenor, Daily Service, BBC Radio 4.
  • (13th Aug): SINGAD, Morning Programme, BBC Radio Newcastle.
  • (12th Oct): SINGAD in the Minster School, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4.
  • (24th Oct): Advisor on singing, Breare’s Broadcasting Corporation, BBC Radio York.
  • (25th July): Invited keyboard player, Sunday Half Hour, BBC Radio 2.
  • 1994 (14th & 15th Dec): SINGAD and Partnership Award, Outlook, BBC World Service.
  • (16th March): Singing research, Breakfast programme with Jonathan Cowap, BBC Radio York.
  • (1st June): Item about academic life, Breakfast Programme, BBC Radio Wales.
  • (25th & 28th June): Interview on singing research, Science Now, BBC Radio 4.
  • (5th July): Synthesizers in Worship, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio York.
  • (5th July): Music Technology in Church Video launch, The Breakfast Programme, BBC Radio 5 live.
  • (29th & 30th Oct): SINGAD research, Music Matters, BBC Radio 3.
  • (6th Dec): Partnership Trust 1994 Award, BBC Radio York.
  • (14th & 15th Dec): SINGAD and Partnership Award, Outlook, BBC Radio 4.
  • (2nd Feb): Tone deafness and singing research, The Afternoon Shift, BBC Radio 4.
  • (7th May): ‘Music Technology in 2000 and Beyond’, Suffolk Sunday BBC Radio Suffolk.
  • (7th May): Music in Worship, Breakfast Show, BBC Radio York.
  • (31st Aug): Music acoustics and psychoacoustics, The Sound of Music, BBC Radio 3.
  • (4th Sept): Visual displays for singing, The Afternoon Show, BBC Radio Newcastle.
  • 1998 (12th Sept): Singing voice source acoustics, Soundworks I, BBC World Service.
  • (24th Oct): Psychoacoustics of music, Soundworks VII, BBC World Service.
  • (Jan): Acoustics and psychoacoustics of bass sounds, Heard it on the bass line, BBC Radio 4.
  • (18th Dec): Live carols from the Beningbrough Singers, Afternoon Show, BBC Radio York.
  • (21st Dec): Acoustics and singing in Ripon Cathedral, The Material World, BBC Radio 4.
  • (Apr): Music Technology, News, British Satellite News (to over 400 end users).
  • (19th Jan): Interviewed for: The Archive Hour: I’d know that voice anywhere, BBC Radio 4.
  • (18th Mar): Live Interviews about Tuneful Fans Project: Meridian TV, Granada TV, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 5 LIVE, Sky News Radio, Independent Radio News, Heart FM, Leicester Sound FM, Capital Gold, Aire FM, BBC GMR, BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio Essex, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Newcastle, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio York, British Forces Broadcasting, BRMB FM, Century FM, Century Radio, Classic Gold, Darlington Live, Galaxy, LBC, Magic, Metro Radio, Ram FM, Saga FM, SouthCity FM, TFM Radio, Trent FM, Wave, Wish FM, CTFM, The Revolution, Alpha, Argyll FM, BCB FM, BCR, Centre FM, Delta FM, Fusion FM, Kestral FM, Kick FM, KL FM, Millennium Radio, Neptune Radio, Radio Verulam, Sabras Sound, South Hams Radio, Soul FM, Sun FM, Telford FM, Thanet Local Radio, Win FM.
  • (13th June): Real-time displays in singing, Science in Action, BBC World Service.
  • (16th June): Physical modelling synthesis, Go Digital, BBC World Service.
  • (20th June): Real-time displays in singing, Future watch, South African National Radio.
  • (14th July): New methods for music synthesis, Technobyte, 702 talk radio, Johannesburg.
  • (9th Sep): Can choirgirls do the job of choirboys? Science Show, ABC Radio, Sydney.
  • (16th Sep): Girl and boy choristers, As it happens, CBC Radio, Montreal.
  • (24th Oct): Telling the difference between girl and boy choristers, Art Zone, Lyric FM, Dublin., ABC Radio Sydney and CBC Radio Montreal.
  • 2003 (9th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: Today programme, BBC Radio 4.
  • (9th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: Breakfast, BBC Radio 5 Live.
  • (9th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: Lunchtime News, BBC1-TV.
  • (9th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: In tune, BBC Radio 3.
  • (9th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: SAGA FM Radio.
  • (10th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs: John Pilgrim Show, Three Counties FM.
  • (16th Sep): Live Interview about girls in cathedral choirs, BBC Radio Wiltshire.
  • (22nd Sep): Live interview about voice and attractiveness, BBC Radio 5 Live.
  • (18th Jan): Making music with technology: Live Tonight, BBC Swindon.
  • (18th Jul): Live interview: Meet a scientist,BBC Radio York.
  • (14th Sep): Interview about voice from the BA Festival, York: The naked scientist, BBC Radio York.
  • (18th Sep): Interview about Voice Production, Discovery, BBC World Service.
  • (22nd Sep): Interviewed on Vocal Terrorism, Science Show, ABC Radio Sydney.
  • (26th Jun ~400,000 viewers, 5.2% of audience), 23.20: Co-presenter, Castrato, BBC2-TV (R).
  • (5th Nov): Interviewed on Voice Security, And sometimes Y, CBC Radio Canada and satellite to the USA (~850,000 listeners).
  • (27th Jan): Interviewed about the speeches of Barack Obama: Broadcasting House, BBC Radio 4.
  • 2010 (29th Dec: 10:32, 15:32, 20;32; 30th Dec: 01.32):  Harmonics and singing voice acoustics, Discovery, BBC World Service.
  • 2011 (1st Jan: 13:32): Harmonics and singing voice acoustics, Discovery, BBC World Service.
  • (6th Jan): Interviews about “ring” in children’s singing: BBC Radio Cornwall, BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester, BBC Radio Jersey, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC Radio Wales, BBC Radio York.
  • . (7th Jan): Interview about “ring” in children’s singing: Trans-World Radio (TWR).
  • (9th Jan): Interview about “ring” in children’s singing: BBC Radio Coventry.
  • (22nd Dec): Interview about choir singing in relation to the Military Wives and Gareth Malone single success, Jonathan Cowap, BBC Radio York

Written media ...
  • 1991: Analysing speech from a black box, Annual Report 1990-91, City University, London, pp9.
  • (3rd June): Tragic last words from the black box, Newton, T., The Independent, pp13.
  • (Dec): Electronics in church services, Organ World.
  • (28th Jan): Church music course hits new note, Yorkshire News, pp9.
  • (28th Jan): Hi-tech in church, Yorkshire Evening Press.
  • (Feb): Church music moves with the times, Hadlington, S., News Sheet, University of York, pp4.
  • (Feb): High Tech Church Music a Big Hit, Stanley, S., Seen, 2, (5), pp2.
  • (25th June): Sound and vision, Mapp, S., Therapy Weekly, 8, (49), pp4.
  • From black boxes to singing teaching, Annual Review 1991-92, University of York, pp11.
  • (18th July): Post-mortem of a disaster, Mapp, S., Therapy Weekly, 8, (50), pp4.
  • (6th Aug): An eye for a good tune, French, J., The Independent, pp15.
  • (26th Oct): SINGAD at York Minster School, Yorkshire Evening Press, pp20.
  • (6th August): Get beyond the jargon, and the sound of the synthesizer will be heard, Dreyer, M., Church Times,pp16.
  • (31st May): Music soothes the scientific breast, O’Leary, J., The Times, pp8.
  • (30th June): Music for worship video, Yorkshire Evening Press, pp8.
  • (July): Tuning up: I used to be tone deaf, Inglis, A., BBC Music Magazine, 2, (11), pp14.
  • (March): Wired for digital Dylan, McNamara, M., The Observer.
  • (3rd Sept): A song in my art, Kingston, P., The Guardian.
  • (27th March): Pipe dream for electronic organ, Jordan, C., Yorkshire Post.
  • (5th August): Test tapes fuel cathedral choirs’ battle of the sexes, Ward, D., The Guardian.
  • (1st Sept): The girls sound different, but is it their training?, Church Times.
  • (15th Dec): Discord greets hymns for her, Utley, A., Times Higher Education Supplement.
  • (3rd Jan): Praise for voice aid, Barnsley Star.
  • (Feb): New research indicates identifiable differences in girls’ and boys’ voices, Stevens, C., Music Teacher, pp12.
  • (18th Mar): The football fans with perfect pitch, Daily Mail.
  • (18th Mar): Saints fans pitch it right, Smith, L., The Times.
  • (18th Mar): Saints go marching in, Smith, D., Daily Express.
  • (18th Mar): Southampton score for perfect pitch, Wilson, J., The Guardian.
  • (18th Mar): Saints ‘n singers, Solomons, M., Daily Star.
  • (18th Mar): Saints win when they’re singing, Riches, C., The Sun.
  • (18th Mar): Saints are a singing success, Clements, J., The Mirror.
  • (18th Mar): Football fans who win when they’re singing, Sawer, P., Evening Standard.
  • (18th Mar): The pitch is awful, Scott, N., Yorkshire Evening Post.
  • (18th Mar): Boro’s singers are top of the flops, Middlesborough Evening Gazette.
  • (18th Mar): Singing Rams fans hit a high note, Johnson, R., Evening Telegraph (Derby City).
  • (18th Mar): Villains of the piece in vocal premier league, Warburton, R., Birmingham Post.
  • (18th Mar): Town fans off pitch, East Anglian Daily Times.
  • (18th Mar): Saints fans marching in harmony at top of chart,
  • (18th Mar): Town fans in the relegation zone as survey says they’re off key, Ipswich Star.
  • (18th Mar): Kop loses out in final score, Faulkner, S., Liverpool Echo.
  • (18th Mar): We’re not singing anymore!, Kitson, L., Sunderland Echo.
  • (18th Mar): Saints marching in with best songs, Wolverhampton Express and Star.
  • (18th Mar): Football’s most tuneful fans, BBC web.
  • (19th Mar): Top of the kops, Roberts, E., Yorkshire Post.
  • (19th Mar): Red’s Kop chorus joy as Everton sings the blues, Cheshire Daily Post.
  • (21st Mar): Cabaret is a goal for tuneful fan, Goodwin, J., Evening Telegraph (Derby City).
  • (21st Mar): Sing if you’re winning, McKie, D., The Guardian.
  • (23rd Jun): How tone-deaf singers can win a pitch battle, Benfield, C., Yorkshire Post.
  • (8th Sep): Girls also have angelic voices, Amos, J., BBC web
  • (9th Sep): Girls’ singing voice ‘are just as pure as boys’, Arthur, C., The Independent.
  • (9th Sep): Cathedral choir study shows girls sound the same as boys, Henderson, M., The Times.
  • (9th Sep): Sexes sing from the same hymnsheet, Highfield, R., and Derbyshire, D. Daily Telegraph.
  • (9th Sep): Cathedral choirs ‘sexist’, Birmingham Post.
  • (9th Sep): Proof that girls choirs are not inferior to boys, Utton, T., Daily Mail.
  • (9th Sep): Most audiences cannot hear differences between girls and boys, Radford, T., The Guardian.
  • (9th Sep): Choirboys no sweeter than girls, York researcher claims, Evening Press: Yorkshire, Selby.
  • (9th Sep): Boy-choir myth, The Press and Journal (Aberdeen Edition).
  • (9th Sep): Note of equality for angelic choirboys, The Glasgow Herald.
  • (9th Sep): Girl choirs just as angelic as the boys, professor finds, The Western Mail (Cardiff/Gwent).
  • (9th Sep): And finally…, Scarborough Evening News.
  • (9th Sep): And finally…, Metro (W Midlands).
  • (9th Sep): Boy choir ‘no more angelic than girls’, The Southern Echo (SW Durham Ed.).
  • (10th Sep): Well, I can hear the difference, Jones. A., The Guardian.
  • (10th Sep): Giving new voice to boys versus girls argument, Lewis, S., Evening Press: Yorkshire, Selby.
  • (18th Sep): Boys and girls voices, Kesterton, M., Toronto Globe and Mail.
  • (12th Mar): Now that sounds interesting, Tipping, M., Yorkshire Evening Press.
  • (12th Mar): Festival opens to sound of music, Cowling, M., Yorkshire Post.
  • (20th Oct): Engineering as a career, The Independent.
  • (May): University stops maths test for engineers because of low standard, Professional Engineering.
  • (10th May): A-level reform means that students 'forget the basics', Singh, A., London Evening Standard.
  • (10th May): Modular exams 'damaging degree courses', Lightfoot, E., Daily Telegraph.
  • (15th Nov): Singing from the same hymn sheet?, Tomkins, S., BBC web.
  • (27th Feb): We still need you!, Pitcher, G, New Electronics.
  • (13th Sep): Computer voice technology raises question of ‘vocal terrorism’, Highfield, R., and Fleming, N., Daily Telegraph.
  • (13th Sep): Computerised voices could unleash “vocal terrorism”, Sample, I., The Guardian.
  • (13th Sep): Fears raised over ‘vocal terrorism’, channel4.com, breitbart.com, The Press Association.
  • (14th Sep): Virtual voices may aid terrorists, Sinclair, J., The Scotsman.
  • (14th Sep): Vocal terrorism fear voiced by professor, Birmingham Express and Star.
  • (14th Sep): Science notes, Daily Telegraph.
  • (14th Sep): Synthesised-speech advances raise fears, The Press and Journal.
  • (14th Sep): Vocal Terrorism, Harwood, M., Security Management.
  • (14th Sep): Scientists warn of vocal terror, Seward, L., BBC web and bwtorrents.com. 
  • (15th Sep): World may face ‘vocal terrorism’ in a decade, Seward, E., NetIndia123.com.
  • (15th Sep): Vocal terrorism via virtual vocal chords, Christensen, W., Science fiction in the news, technovelgy.com.
  • (15th Sep): Voice synthesis sparks terror fears, Yorkshire Post.
  • (Dec): PCs trained to talk like humans, PC Pro, p18.
  • (19th Jan): Voice expert has sound advice on taking off Blair, Dooks, B., Yorkshire Post.
  • (25th Jan): The science of speaking, Percival, C., York Press.
  • (7th April): More sense, less travel, Baker, B., The Engineer.
  • (15th July): Virtual world step nearer reality, Ginns, B., Yorkshire Post.
  • (10th Aug): Hols? I’m just going to lounge, Castle, S., Sunday Daily Star.
  • (4 Mar): Revealed - the headset that will mimic all five senses and make the virtual world as convincing as real life, Derbyshire, D., Daily Mail online.
  • (4 Mar): Virtual reality cocoon promises full sensory experience, Hodgin, R.C., TG Daily.
  • (4 Mar): Un casco diseñado para viajes virtuales hiperrealistas, Postico, D., El Mundo, Spain,
  • (4 Mar): Arriva la “virtualità reale” Una nuova tecnologia permetterà di sperimentare “realmente” viaggi nello spazio e nel tempo, Franceschini, E.,Corriere della serra, Italy,
  • (4 Mar): Realta' Virtuale Con l'elmetto digitale puoi vivere l'Impero romano, La Repubblica, Italy,
  • (5 Mar): Virtuelle Realität wird riech- und greifbar Forscher zeigen Konzept des "Virtual Cocoon", Pilcher, T., Pressetext, Austria,
  • (5 Mar): The Holodeck Becomes a Reality, Young, E., ABC News blog: Ahead of the curve, USA,
  • (5 Mar): Device Promises Virtual Reality with Touch, Taste and Smell, Thomas Claburn, Information Week.
  • (6 Mar): Reële virtualiteit, de Jong, S., Kennislink, Netherlands,
  • (6 Mar): Virtuelle Realität wird riech- und greifbar., Computerwotche, Germany,
  • (6 Mar): Taste, Hear, and Smell the Future: “Virtual Vacations” Coming Soon, Boonsri Dickinson, Discover,
  • (5 Apr): ¿Un dispositivo de realidad virtual que estimula los cinco sentidos?, saludyciencias, Spain, 
  • (10 May): Robotek za spodbujanje čutil, Nataša Bolarič, Slovenia,
  • (15 Mar): Se podrá viajar en el tiempo con un casco de “virtualidad real”, Martina Rua, Perfil, Argentina, P 38.
  • (22 Dec): Sound advice from voice of experience, Sheena Hastings, Yorkshire Post.
  • (6th Jan): Choir boys' and girls' distinctive voices studied,Morelle, R.,  BBC web coverage

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