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Courses in voice matters - because YOUR VOICE MATTERS

with David M Howard and Francis Newton

Voice Matters provides half-day and full-day courses with the aim of imparting knowledge and understanding of how the human voice works, coupled with practical advice and exercises for keeping the voice working in a healthy and efficient manner. The full-day course, which can be run as two half days, additionally includes practical advice on how to get your message across from a visual as well as an audio viewpoint in a convincing way.
Voice Matters courses are intended for those who wish to:
  • develop a healthy vocal regime
  • project their voices in an efficient manner
  • reduce incidences of sore throats
  • feel greater confidence when giving presentations
  • develop their use of visual material
  • gain increased audience awareness
  • become familiar with the presenting “buzz”
Voice Matters has worked with many clients including: teachers, university lecturers, post graduate students as well as professionals who rely on giving winning presentations to triumph with their next contract. Delegates on courses regularly indicate that the course met their learning needs completely and that they were able to apply this learning immediately on completion of the course: "really helpful - the 'practical exercises' helped me to understand what effect the techniques presented have"

Comments from delegates:
"really helpful - the 'practical exercises' helped me to understand what effect the techniques presented have"
"Both course facilitators were excellent and really helpful"
"Session was thought provoking and engaging"
"It has given me tools that will definitely help improve my confidence and performance when presenting my work"

Voice Matters courses are supported with bulleted notes and a tak-away handy bookmark to prompt the key healthy vocal exercises. Half and full day courses are available and opportunities can be made for work on all aspects of individual presentations, with or without visual aids.

Voice Matters courses are presented by David Howard and Francis Newton.

Francis Newton trained as an actor at the Old Vic, Bristol. He has worked for a number of years in the Music Department at the University of York where he has been in regular contact with performers. David Howard works at the University of York where he researches the human singing voice with specific interest in what can be measured as the voice is trained and the electronic synthesis of vocal sounds. His voice training software, WinSingad, is used in professional voice studios. He is a singer and choral conductor.


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Voice Matters: Courses in voice matters - because your voice matters